B2B Subscription

Unilever Pros subscriptions: one less thing to worry about 

Thank you for ordering from Unilever Pros! We hope you’re happy with your order and want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep stocked up and protect your premises in the future. 

Our subscription service allows you to place one order, and then receive repeat deliveries on a rolling basis — saving you time, money, and giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Additional benefits of using this service include:  

  • 5% saving across our whole product range  
  • Free delivery on orders over £100 
  • Customer service agent available to discuss your product needs, and to advise on your order 
  • First access to new products and bundles 
  • Stamp of Approval signage for your premises, showing your customers that you’ve chosen products they trust enough to use at home 

Getting started with your subscription is simple and easy - set up an account with us and then select the subscription option at no extra cost. 

Subscription details 

We offer bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly subscription options, each with a minimum of 3 orders, to cater for all business sizes and needs.  

  • Select frequency: 
  • Select products/bundles: 

We appreciate that the world is an uncertain place right now and allow you to pause or skip a scheduled delivery to give flexibility to your subscription. 

If you’d like to cancel a subscription, simply give us two weeks notice ahead of your next delivery by contacting the team: hello@unileverpros.com